Wednesday, March 30, 2011

English Speaking Hairdresser in Cheonan

I recently met this lady named Sunny who is a hairdresser.  The best part about it is that she trained/worked in London for a few years so she speaks excellent English AND knows how to color/cut foreigner's hair.  She charges 12 000 Won for a cut and does an excellent job.  Here is her website: Sunny Hair.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Foreign food!!!

Some good news for you my friends. Oatmeal and cilantro are here! Get yourself over to the new foreign food market, right by Cheonan Station. And while you're at it, stop by the most delicious Indian restaurant and support other foreigners in town.


From the Cheonan Station courtyard side (Dongbu-Exit 1), walk down that big road towards the bus terminal for about 1 minute. The "World Food" store will be on your right hand side. You can't miss it.


Cilantro, a big bag for 2000 won. Those big jug things of oatmeal for 15 000. A nice selection of random spices. Dried beans of all varieties. Import beers. Thai noodles, rice papers, etc. Check it out...I promise you'll come away with something.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gap: Big Size Clothes

Ever walked into a Korean store, looking for clothes to fit an expat but having no success? Well, hope is now here: in the form of Gap (a North American favorite). They have an abundance of big size clothing. Expat size you could say. They've got all the basics.

It's at the YaWooRi. Just go in the main entrance and go straight to the back. Or from the bus terminal, go up the stairs near the Coffee Bean (the inside one) and you'll see it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Piercings in Cheonan

There's a store called "Artbox" in Cheonan that does piercings. It's on a side-street, right next to the CGV Movie Theater. If you're walking down the main road from downtown to Cheonan-yeok, keep walking past the train station and turn left at Baskin Robbins and you'll find it on your left hand-side.

I got my eyebrow pierced for 10 000 won. You'll have to stop by the store for more information about other stuff, I didn't ask.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Immigration in Cheonan!

Dajeon Immigration Office opens
Cheonan Branch Office
▪Opening Date : November 1, 2010
▪Office Location :
충남북부상공회의소 4층 (충남 천안시 서북구 불당동 492-3 충남북부상공회의소 4층 403호)
Chungnam Bukbu Chamber of Commerce & Industry
(403, 492-3 Buldang-Dong, Seobuk-Ku, Cheonan-Shi, Chungnam)
- Foreigner sojourn : extension of stay, change status of stay, change/add work location, foreigner registration and etc.
- Visa Issuance Procedure
- Investigation of immigration offence/custody
- Issuing certificate
※ Nationality/Naturalization and immigration offence/custody work are to be conducted in Daejeon Immigarion Office.
▪Territory : Cheonan-shi, Asan-shi, and Yesan-kun, Chungnam
▪Contact information : Hot line ‘1345’
☏ 041-621-1345, 042-220-2004
* Public tranportation (bus)
- From Cheonan Terminal : 20번. 21번. 13번(천안ㆍ아산역 하차 - 10 minute walk)
- From Asan Terminal : 990번. 991번(천안ㆍ아산역 하차 - 10 minute walk)
* Subway
- Line 1, at Asan station 1호선 아산역 하차(10 minute walk)
- KTX at Cheoan Asan Station 천안ㆍ아산역 하차(10 minute walk)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Krispy Kreme is Here!

I can't believe it! Krispy Kreme is here in Cheonan!

We used to make special trip to Seoul to get our sugar buzz but now we just have to go to the bus terminal to pick up a box of sweet melt in your mouth stay on your hips goodness. Some of my friends complain Krispy Kreme is no longer special because you can get it any time you want. But I'm not complaining.

Location: Yawoori first floor. Main street entrance.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kyobo Book Store

There is a new Kyobo Bookstore in Cheonan. They have a small selection of English books (novels and textbooks). If you apply for the KYOBO Book Club membership you can get a 10% discount on English books.

Kyobo also has a nice selection of stationary supplies and a record store.

Location: 5th floor Yawoori.